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Challenges Faced by Enterprises

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Our ongoing research on EIIR challenges faced by enterprises across 12 segments.

Enterprise can look at these challenges and providers offering solutions closely for their perusal. Enterprise can discuss their challenges in confidence at pareekh@pareekh.com

If providers have expertise and examples of how they are helping enterprises in navigating these challenges and want to feature their approach and case study here please contact pareekh@pareekh.com.

Enterprise R&D Challenges

Featured Challenge 1:
How to optimize R&D cost ?
4 May 2020 How enteprrises can reduce their R&D cost? Enterprises can leverage Outsourcing 4.0 to find R&D cost reduction opportunities. Download PDF


Featured Challenge 1:
Reducing cost in automotive subsystem Design
1 May 2020
ITC Infotech
The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts in Automotive Subsystem Design by Engineering Service Providers The automotive industry is passing through a disruptive phase. In order to survive, tier-1s need to reduce their legacy engineering R&D costs and increase investment in emerging automotive technologies of electric and autonomous cars. Automotive tier-1s can adopt the strategy of accelerating partnerships with engineering service providers who have subsystem design capabilities. It is thinking and delivering in whole subsystems, which is greater than the sum of its parts or components. This PoV discusses automotive subsystem design by engineering service providers with the examples of ITC Infotech. Download PDF

Industry 4.0

Featured Challenge 1:
How to implement DFM at scale?
Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is an Essential Enabler for Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 is the use of smart technologies to provide a step-change in productivity, efficiency, experience, and flexibility across the value chain of design, manufacturing, supply chain, and service. One area of loss of productivity and efficiency is the handover between two functions of design and manufacturing. Implementing design for manufacturing (DFM) by leveraging smart technologies can improve productivity and efficiency. This PoV discusses the need for DFM and highlights examples of a successful technology solution. Download PDF
Featured Challenge 2:
How to select an MES implementation partner?
Four Criteria for Selecting an MES Implementation Partner for a Successful Industry 4.0 Journey While the value proposition of a manufacturing execution system (MES) is very promising, poor implementation can prevent enterprises from taking advantage of it. In this context, selecting the right MES implementation partner is essential. This PoV discusses four decision-making criteria that enterprises can use to evaluate and selecting an MES implementation partner. It also lists questions which enterprises can ask to separate doers versus talkers among implementation partners. Download PDF
Featured Challenge 3:
How to plan supply chain amidst uncertainties?
ITC Infotech
How AI-Based Simulation Can Help Enterprises Navigate SCM Uncertainties One thing is certain in business that it is full of uncertainties. How can enterprises plan their operations and supply chain in case of uncertainties? Earlier, enterprises would use optimization methods, but, in the face of uncertainties, they aren’t always useful. Here, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with simulation can help. This PoV discusses how AI-based simulation can help enterprises navigate SCM uncertainties and provides some examples. Download PDF

Software Product Engineering

Other Challenge 1:
Insourcing talent development
Insourcing Needs A Continuous Talent Development Model More and more enterprises are turning to insourcing. While the value proposition of insourcing is promising, talent unavailability can prevent enterprises from taking advantage of it. In this context, developing the right talent development model is essential. This PoV discusses the trend of insourcing and the need for a continuous talent development model and highlights an example of an innovative talent development partner. Download PDF

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