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Why EIIRTrend?

Information is power. In the Internet age, though, information is available, but it is dispersed. As engineering professionals, some of us always felt the need for a source where engineering information is available for easy access by enterprises and professionals for knowledge and decision making. For this to happen, information should be identified, curated, updated, and freely available.

What is EIIRTrend?

EIIRTrend is an information platform focusing on engineering, IoT, Industry 4.0, and R&D. It curates relevant engineering information across markets, geographies, industries, services, enterprises, engineering service providers, engineering ISVs, and technology providers. It analyzes and segments the information into different categories for easy access. Our team also does further analysis of information and trends and publishes them in blogs, PoV, and other reports. And the best part is that it is all FREE (well, more than 95% of it) in our endeavor to reach every engineering stakeholder in the world.

There are many use cases of the information, such as

  • It helps enterprises identify partners, be it engineering service providers, ISVs, or technology providers.
  • It helps engineering service providers, ISVs and technology providers understand market trends for their strategy, planning, operations, marketing, and thought leadership activities
  • It helps engineering professionals in gaining engineering knowledge and access to jobs
  • It helps investors in picking stocks and investment themes.

Many use-cases are already implemented, and many more are in the pipeline. And the scale of coverage is increasing as we are progressing.

If information is free, how do we make money?

We make money by subscription to some reports and advisory for enterprises and providers.

  • We help enterprises in sourcing and selecting providers.
  • We help providers in their thought leadership activities.

Our Team

Pareekh Jain, CEO ( - ) | Anuj Seth, CTO ( - )

If you want to know details about our subscription and advisory services, please reach out to pareekh@pareekh.com

Any feedback and suggestions, please reach out to info@eiirtrend.com

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