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Highlights with EIIR (Pareekh) Point of View (POV)

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    ?Intel?s operations in the United States, Costa Rica and India are officially net positive on water use. In those countries, Intel restores and returns more freshwater than it takes in.

    Industry4.0    Intel    Sustainability    Costa Rica    United States    India   

    EIIR POV: A good example of net positive water use. More enterprises will work on net positive water use in different countries for sustainability.

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    Vitesco Technologies, a leading manufacturer of modern drive technologies and electrification solutions, inaugurated its plant of the future at Talegaon, Pune. The plant is climate-neutral in operation and is strongly pursuing automation, digitization, and Industry 4.0.

    Automotive    Vitesco    India Investment    Manufacturing Plants    Sustainability    India   

    EIIR POV: New factory investment incorporates Industry 4.0 and sustainability at the initial stage.

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    T-Systems continues to invest in the automotive industry, focusing on four areas: Vehicle software and connectivity, digital customer experiences, the digitization of the company, and secure cloud computing. To this end, the Telekom subsidiary plans to create around 600 jobs worldwide by 2023. Already, 4,000 experts are working on the digitization of the industry. T-Systems is recruiting around 200 new employees for the Wolfsburg site alone.

    Automotive    T Systems    Connected Car    Global MNC Engineering Expansion    Service Provider Service Expansion    Germany   

    EIIR POV: Global IT MNCs are investing in engineering. This is one more example of an IT MNC building capabality in connected car.

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    W?rtsil? plans to ramp down manufacturing in Trieste, Italy and to centralise its 4-stroke engine manufacturing in Europe to Vaasa, Finland. Ending the manufacturing in Trieste is expected to impact approximately 450 employees with potential redundancy.

    Industrial Equipment    Wartsila    R&D Consulting    Manufacturing Plants    Manufacturing Consolidation    Finland    Italy   

    EIIR POV: Enterprises will continue to optimise their regional manufacturing footprints to make balance between localization and economics of scale.

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    Airtel has deployed India?s first private 5G network at BOSCH facility in Bengaluru. With Airtel 5G Captive Private Network, Bosch Manufacturing Execution System was able to significantly reduce the time taken to asses the quality through Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) of surface mounted devices

    Telecom    Industry4.0    Bosch    Airtel    MES    Industry 4.0 ? 3D Printing Robotics    Network engineering    Digital Factory Example    Visual Analytics    5G    India   

    EIIR POV: Two points here: 1. India's first private 5G network and that is in manufacturing sector. 2. Use case of combining 5G and MES for reducing quality assement time in digital factory.

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    Elevated Signals, the manufacturing execution system (MES) for the cannabis industry, today announced it is GMP-ready, following third-party validation from Q&C Services earlier this year. This validation is confirmation that Elevated Signals? software complies with pharmaceutical industry requirements.

    Industry4.0    Elevated Signals    MES    Service Provider Solutions   

    EIIR POV: There are more than 50 MES software platforms and frequently we keep hearing about more niche MES platforms. No enterprise software category is so fragmented. Consolidation in MES ISV market is long overdue.

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    Pratt & Whitney?s Industry 4.0 Strategy Driving Operations Modernization. It enables integrated, real-time demand planning, automated workflows, real-time materials and data tracking, scheduling, and energy optimization. It has connected over 40% of total machines to date and plans to connect 100% of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machines and 75% of Aftermarket machines enterprise-wide by 2024.

    Aerospace    Pratt Whitney    Industry 4.0 ? 3D Printing Robotics    Digital Factory Example    Automation    Sustainability   

    EIIR POV: In Industry 4.0 transformation it is recommended to use both progression as well as outcome metrics.









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