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Highlights with EIIR (Pareekh) Point of View (POV)

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    Volkswagen announced the establishment of the new company PowerCo which will be responsible for the automaker's global battery activities along the entire battery value chain, including battery cell production at Salzgitter and other sites. PowerCo will invest more than 20 billion euros through 2030 and eventually expects to generate that amount in sales annually.

    Automotive    Volkswagen    Business Model Innovation    Business Restructuring    EV Battery   

    EIIR POV: Will more OEMs separate out their battery companies and some of them could merge with other battery firms

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    A global aerospace & rail major has chosen LTTS as a preferred engineering partner for its technology unit in Canada. As part of the program, LTTS will offer end-to-end integrated engineering across products, operations and 5G driven next-gen connectivity solutions. It is a $50 Million deal.

    Aerospace    Railway    LTTS    Network engineering    5G    Large Deals    Service Provider Deals   

    EIIR POV: Aerospace engineering services had a turnaround this year after two years of decline. This large deal is testament of this.

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    A US based new-age EV OEM has awarded LTTS a multi-year engineering program encompassing energy storage systems, battery structures & BMS integration and design support to help the customer launch its new line-up of electric vehicles.

    Automotive    LTTS    EV    Service Provider Deals    Unicorn R&D   

    EIIR POV: New age startups and Unicorns will leverage engineering service providers for scaling and accelerating their product development

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    Ericsson and Orange Spain put festival fans on stage with their favorite artists using 5G and VR Glasses. Fans can use VR glasses to interact with the projections in stadium as if they are actually on stage with the artists.

    Telecom    Ericsson    Orange    Animation, AR VR Gaming    VR Usecase    Metaverse    5G    Spain   

    EIIR POV: Metaverse usecases of immersive digital physical interaction are emerging with unique combination of two or more of 20 technologies.

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    Tata Technologies has initiated preliminary steps to evaluate an IPO according to news reports.

    Automotive    Tata Technologies    IPO   

    EIIR POV: Many engineering service providers are thinking of going for IPO after success of Happiest Minds, Thoughtworks in the last copuple of years. Will chnaging market condition male them rethink

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    Accenture is returning back to South Korea, six years after its exit from the country, through a joint venture with Korean IT service leader LG CNS fro synergy in digital transformation.

    Software Product    Accenture    Geographical Partnerships    Service Provider Geographic Expansion    South Korea   

    EIIR POV: Two trends here. 1. JFK (Japan, France & Korea) is a $50 Billion Opportunity. Accenture is strong in Japan and France and now looking for Korea. 2. JVs with local service provider is way to go in new geographies.

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    GE Healthcare announced the unveiling of its 5G Innovation Lab in India, the first for the company across the globe. It provides expertise as well as a platform for a collaborative ecosystem for academia, the healthcare industry, and start-ups, facilitating exploration and enabling validation and qualification of 5G-enabled 'Precision Healthcare' use cases.

    Medical Devices    GE Healthcare    India Investment    5G    Enterprise R&D Center    India   

    EIIR POV: Two points here. Enterprises are collaborating across industry for 5G usecases. Precision Medicine is a trend to watch.









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