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Highlights with EIIR (Pareekh) Point of View (POV)

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    The business roup Ratos acquires 70 percent of Knightec.

    Industry4.0    Ratos    Knightec    Private Equity   

    EIIR POV: Business Groups are acquiring engineering service providers signalling growth and value creation opportunites in enginering services

  • 2

    Great Wall Motors? India Operations End: Last Few Employees Asked To Leave. GWM planned billion dollar pls investment in India including manufacturing plant and R&D Center.

    Automotive    Great Wall Motors    Geopolitics Impact on R&D    Enterprise Exit    India   

    EIIR POV: Because of Geopolitics it will be very difficult for new Chinese brands to enter India. Many companies will have to shelve their plansm

  • 3

    Holcim inaugurated its 1.6Mta Agadir-Souss cement plant in Morocco and with its Industry 4.0 technology including AI, data, predictive maintenance, automation, energy savings and wind-powered energy supply, it is expected to set new standards for modern smart cement plants.

    Energy Process    LafargeHolcim    Manufacturing Plants    Digital Factory Example    Sustainability    Morocco   

    EIIR POV: New factories will be incorporate Industry 4.0 and sustainability from planning stage itself.

  • 5

    Safran Seats reveals Euphony, an innovative passenger experience solution for Business and First class seats that provides passengers with a headset-free and high-quality individual sound experience. The solution has been developed in partnership with Devialet, an acoustic engineering company.

    Aerospace    Safran    Technology Innovation    Enterprise NPD    Infotainment   

    EIIR POV: After many years ther is some real innovation in aerospace interiors. Digital customer experience has become a priorty.

  • 6

    Europe wants a high-speed rail network to replace airplanes.


    EIIR POV: Railways will be one of the growth drivers for engineering services in the next few years!

  • 8

    City Transformer, EV tech disruptor from Israel, has selected SEGULA Technologies as its engineering development partner. The move will see the two companies use their expertise, know-how and innovation in further developing the pioneering all-electric foldable CT-1 microcar.

    Automotive    City Transformer    Segula    EV    Service Provider Deals    Unicorn R&D    Israel   

    EIIR POV: Startups and unicorns engaging engineering service provider to scaleup their product development

  • 10

    Thales is stepping up its recruitment policy and intends to hire more than 11,000 people in 2022. Among global delivery regions, highest is in India with 600 people.

    Aerospace    Thales    India Investment    Enterprise R&D Center    India    France   

    EIIR POV: Two points here. 1. Aerospace is bouncing back. 2. India's share in global delivery is increasing

  • 12

    Atos opens Life Sciences Centre of Excellence to accelerate drug development and enable precision health solutions

    Medical Devices    Atos    Healthcare Software    Service Provider Solutions   

    EIIR POV: Healthcare software will be one of the biggest growth opportunities for engineering service providers. Service providers ae developing their internal capabalities around it.

  • 13

    Companies are desperate for cybersecurity workers?more than 700K positions need to be filled.

    Software Product    Advanced IT ? Cybersecurity, Cloud, Blockchain    Industrial Product Security   

    EIIR POV: There are a lot of layoffs going on in the tech world giving the impression of declining tech jobs in the current condition. On the other hand, there are many growing areassuc as cybersecurity that are facing a talent shortage. People who are willing to adapt will survive and even thrive even in challenging times!









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