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Smart, Digital, and Intelligent Way of Scaling Up and Creating Value in Industry 4.0

It has often been a journey rife with technology buzzwords, to catch up with the latest trend, but most enterprises have not been able to scale up and create value out of their I4.0 forays. The balance and focus has been difficult to achieve, while on one hand you want to extract the best out of your already existing last-generation CapEx, on the other, trying to optimize the OpEx without investing significantly on making the existing CapEx latest. There is a need for a comprehensive and scalable methodology that can guide enterprises in their Industry 4.0 journey. Wipro’s SDI Framework defines a smart, digital, and intelligent way for enterprises to look at Industry 4.0 initiatives across industries, incorporating the latest in technology and processes to create value. Link : Download

Pareekh Jain

The mission of EIIR Trend is to help EIIR buyers in their journey with data, information, and knowledge.

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