Software Product Engineering EIIR (Engineering, IoT, Industry 4.0 and R&D) Trends Q4 2019

How are software enterprises leveraging EIIR providers? (Deals/Contracts/ Partnerships)

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    A leading US-based pharmaceuticals & bio-tech company has chosen HCL as their scale agile digital transformation partner. HCL is engaged to transform the product landscape and modernize the platform – API First and Micro-Services based approach – with the intent to improve the user experience while performing technology upgrades. The scope of the engagement includes development of new features and functionalities in core admin, billing, claims, settlement, risk and quality area.

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    Pentagon awards controversial $10 billion cloud computing contract to Microsoft

How are software enterprises organizing their EIIR activities? (GICs/ R&D Best Practices/Solutions)

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    Infogain acquires Revel, a West Coast Digital Consultancy

How are EIIR providers developing their solutions and capabilities?

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    GlobalLogic has acquired Assign Group, a software design and engineering firm headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Assign Group develops digitally-driven user experiences for industries including automotive, information technology, and aerospace.

Software product engineering industry news

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    OpenText to acquire Carbonite, a provider of data-protection services, for about $800 million

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    Splunk to Expand Streaming Expertise; Announces Intent to Acquire Streamlio, Open-Source Distributed Messaging Leader

Software Product Engineering resources: consultant/ analyst updates

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