Industrial Equipment EIIR (Engineering, IoT, Industry 4.0 and R&D) Trends Q2 2019

How are industrial equipment enterprises leveraging EIIR providers? (Deals/Contracts/ Partnerships)

How are industrial equipment enterprises organizing their EIIR activities? (GICs/ R&D Best Practices/Solutions)

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    Caterpillar is working with NASA to build machines that could excavate and mine the lunar surface.

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    Kone to set up new technology centre in Pune at a cost of Rs 10 cr. About 120 people will work from there.

How are industrial equipment EIIR providers developing their solutions and capabilities?

Industrial equipment industry news

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    ABB acquires Chargedot and strengthens its e-mobility portfolio.

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    SKF to acquire Presenso, a company that develops and deploys artificial intelligence (AI)-based predictive maintenance software. Presenso’s AI capability enables production plants to find and act on anomalies that were previously difficult to detect, automatically and without the need to employ data scientists. Presenso’s competence will be used to strengthen SKF’s Rotating Equipment Performance offer.

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