EIIR Leaders

Pareekh Jain and Sundaresh Shankaran, President Manufacturing and CPG, ITC Infotech in an engaging discussion about the challenges being faced by the Supply Chain Industry due to COVID-19 and how to mitigate current and future risks through AI-based simulation.

Caught up with Harmeet Chauhan, SVP and Head IES, Wipro on sidelines of Wipro Digital Compliance Lab launch in Hyderabad. Engineering enterprises expect tier-1 service providers to invest in labs, tools, and IPs. It’s great to see Wipro stepping up and increasing investment in labs in different cities in the last few months.

Pareekh Jain, Founder of Pareekh Consulting and EIIRTrends.com, engages in a conversation with Jayraj Nair, VP & Global Head of IoT, Wipro, on Wipro’s focus on investments in tier-2 cities in India to develop the IoT & I4.0 ecosystem.

Pareekh Jain

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