Construction EIIR (Engineering, IoT, Industry 4.0 and R&D) Trends Q4 2019

How are construction and smart cities enterprises leveraging EIIR providers? (Deals/Contracts/ Partnerships)

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    LTTS won a deal to implement over 600 engineering applications for a leading U.S-based EPC company. LTTS will ensure uptime of the applications and improve engineering productivity.

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    BIAL and Xovis sign contract. By using this technology, the BLR Airport would be able to achieve a higher operational efficiency, optimize resource planning and consequently reduce the length of queues and waiting times. And passengers benefit even more: Not only do they wait less, but the real-time waiting times will be displayed directly at the processing points.

How are construction and smart cities enterprises organizing their EIIR activities? (GICs/ R&D Best Practices/Solutions)

How are construction and smart cities EIIR providers building their solutions and capabilities?

Construction and smart cities industry news

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    World’s largest 3D printed bridge in Shanghai, it is 14.1m long and 4m wide.

Construction and smart cities resources: consultant/ analyst updates

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