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Thought Leadership Without Title!

This is to announce our launch of EIIR Community to facilitate thought leadership without title.

About EIIR Community

EIIR Community is a community of thought leaders in the engineering, IoT, Industry 4.0, and R&D (EIIR) space. Learn about trends and showcase your thought leadership to a larger EIIR community.

Why EIIR Community?

  • One person cannot have answers to all questions, but collectively we all can find answers and perspectives with our analysis, experience, thoughts, and reflection. Though they are many platforms for thought leadership, very few are focused on engineering, IoT, Industry 4.0, and R&D (EIIR). This is the platform to bring the larger EIIR community together to share their thoughts.

Why Thought Leadership?

  • To bring about ideas, analysis, trends, thoughts, challenges, risks, solutions, best practices, and predictions in a longer form with context. This is especially relevant for the EIIR sector, which is experiencing exponential and disruptive changes because of technology and the macro environment.

Why Individuals and Firms should focus on Thought Leadership?

  • There is a debate about whether technology or automation is replacing jobs, but everybody will agree that the technology component of every job is increasing. In this scenario, critical thinking and storytelling are becoming very important. Thought leadership is a good way to both develop and showcase critical thinking as well as storytelling skills.
  • Firms and individuals who have thought leadership skills have a better chance to navigate the complex environment and stand out in the noise.

Why Thought Leadership Without Title?

  • Anybody can have good ideas irrespective of seniority and title, but unfortunately, many of them get lost in the noise both inside and outside the organization.
  • We should give equal importance to the ideas of all stakeholders irrespective of their titles and let the best ideas emerge. In a way, the internet has democratized information in many fields. We want to take this further in engineering, IoT, Industry 4.0, and R&D (EIIR) with EIIR Community.
  • It is our endeavor to build a thought leadership platform in EIIR where we can democratize thought leadership and institutionalize thought leadership without title in both letter and spirit.

How can you start?

Read FAQs and start your thought leadership journey here:

For any clarification, please reach out to

Pareekh Jain

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