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Engineering ISVs showed good growth in Q2 CY 20

There are six engineering ISVs (CAD, CAE, PLM, MES) with billion dollar plus annual revenue. There quarterly results are out and five of them have shown good growth.

Engineering software ISVs are having a good quarter.

Q2 2020 Sales, YoY growth

Dassault Systèmes: € 1.07 B, 11%

Siemens Digital Software: € 1.06 B, 11%

Autodesk (Q2 FY 21): $913 M, 15%

Hexagon AB: € 897 M, -8%

ANSYS: $386 M, 5 %

PTC: $352 M, 19%

Key Geographies

So far growth observed in US, Germany, Latin America, China, and Japan.

Key Acquisitions in Q2

Altair: WRAP Software

Autodesk: Aurigo Software

Bentley Systems: Notevault

Key Deals/ Contracts in Q2

Dassault : Vertical Corporation

Aras: EIZO

Bottomline: The growth of engineering ISVs in this business environment is a good sign and follows similar trend of growth in other enterprise ISVs. Though some of this growth is inorganic too but still a good sign. Engineering service demand follow engineering software growth. So good news for engineering services providers too!

Now AVEVA after OSISoft acquisition will also cross $1 Billion in sales.

Pareekh Jain

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