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EIIRTrend Ranked 197K By Alexa, Better Than Bigger Analyst Firms

Our platform EIIRTrend has achieved an all-time high Alexa ranking of 197,437 today (April 7, 2022). A dream came true before alexa shut down next month.

This ranking is better than many bigger analyst firms whom we admire and get inspired from:

  • ISG: 221,425
  • Zinnov: 255,468
  • HFS Research: 292,206
  • Constellation Research: 376,172

    (All rankings checked on Alexa today, on April 7, 2022).

We had a remarkable journey in the last year. One year back, our platform EIIRTrend had no Alexa ranking. Alexa publishes rank if the website rank is under 10 million. And now EIIRTrend is ranked as 197 K, which is a very encouraging sign for us. 

This is a great team effort by the whole EIIRTrend team, including  CTO Anuj Seth, our content and tech team, and external partners. We have rearchitected the whole platform and launched many use-cases, and many more are in the pipeline. Thanks for all the feedback. The feedback from early adopters is most crucial for any platform. We are on our way to building this unique information platform for the whole engineering ecosystem, including buyers, providers, investors, and professionals. I promise there is much more to come. Exciting days ahead.

God has been kind to us. And we got excellent support from the whole engineering ecosystem, including professionals, enterprises, media, industry associations, and the investment community. Please keep loving us

Pareekh Jain

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The mission of EIIR Trend is to help EIIR buyers in their journey with data, information, and knowledge.

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Gridlove Pareekh Jain Founder of Pareekh Consulting & EIIRTrends